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We take care of
all technical
of the show

Working side by side with our clients, we will
be there through every stage of the event process: from initial inquiry,
pre production to the event itself

From ideation to execution, care and efficiency are at the core of our work

Working side by side with our clients, we will be there through every stage of the event process: from initial inquiry, pre production to the event itself

From ideation to execution, care and efficiency are at the core of our work

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Pre-production 02
Walkthrough 03
Technical documentation 04
Equipment selection 05
Quote 06
Production 07
Do you have any questions about the work process, contact us and we will tell you everything!
We are grateful to each member of our team that
they are with us for all these years. Years of hard work, professional
growth, evolution and improvement.  We developed a solid reputation
and client oriented approach.
Every event is not just a routine for us. We understand that  it’s the
most important EVENT for you. That’s why we treat your EVENT as our

We are grateful to each member of our team that they are with us for all these years. Years of hard work, professional growth, evolution and improvement. We developed a solid reputation and client oriented approach.

Every event is not just a routine for us. We understand that it’s the most important EVENT for you. That’s why we treat your EVENT as our own.

Custom Event Design & Pre Production
  • CAD Drawings
  • Project Visualization
  • Audio Calculations
  • SPL Coverage Simulation
  • Lighting Design
Live Sound
  • PA audio systems for concerts, summits, presentations and award shows
  • Dolby surround audio systems for movie premieres and screenings
  • Multitrack ProTools recording
  • Intelligent and Conventional Lighting with Control Consoles
  • Lasers and Special FX gear
  • Projection Mapping
  • DCP Video Playback
  • LED screens
  • Multisource switching and recording

L-Acoustics PA and monitor systems. Digico, Avid and Yamaha consoles. Shure, DPA, Earthworks, Telefunken and AKG microphones. Shure Axient Digital wireless systems.


GrandMA consoles. ETC, GLP, Varilight, Chauvet lighting


Panasonic, Barco, Christie projectors, Blackmagic switchers. WatchOut, MadMapper, Hyppotizer video servers.

Order placement

what is
1987 masters

We supply more than 800 events per year
We only use the industry standard equipment
We hire high class professionals with solid reputation
We educate and train more than 40 of our specialists every year


Casey Dolkas
Once, our task was to organize an outstanding event, and we had to use not only sound and light effects, but also to deal with televiewers, projectors, and what’s more important that we had to make like a whole laser-show! We had to spent much time looking for some team whose skills would be professional enough to fulfil our task. That was a bit complicated to do that, because last time we already had an occasion when so-called, “specialists” had let us down! We followed some advice to cooperate with Masters 1987, I have just answered primal questions, got through the briefing and... that was all I had to do! All other things to do was the part of work of "1987"-Team. Event went well enough! Thank you!
Randy Jackson
I can manage different events, but i had an experience, when my partners were very busy with their things and couldn’t help me, and i need to find qualified people who do their job properly. The main point for them was to provide high-quality sound within a bit extreme conditions…. If i am not mistaken, we required 6 microphones and event’s gonna be covered acoustically perfect! Web helped me much, and I got the contacts of “1987”. must say, i am glad they helped me. i even had many things recommended. other words, decisions they make are methods’re of high usability. Thanks for being responsible, it proves that you must du what you do.
Justin Choi
what to say… one of my bosses told me to make a wow laser show for the finest. first i’ve been dealing with one agency whose service’s not mych xpensive. They took our money in advance and then stared on the wall,,, i was much shocked on that, hey, that was the only time, i risked actually to be fired, i’m hazy about another position in other company that i could find that for the same money that my bosses paid me. Friend in need is a friend indeed - genius was a man who said like that. One friend of mine saved my career and said that I should be in touch with Master 1987. I had nothing more to do cause i missed all possible deadlines. - Though their service is not as cheap as chips, both satisfied with what we have both done. Good luck guys! wish you success. what costs little, is little esteemed.. or is not esteemed at all.
Paula Park
Our company first cooperated with Masters 1987 half a year ago. We had to find somebody able to provide perfect sound during the session, not only make it louder than a bomb, but the quality ought to meet the requirements set. Then was another problem we had faced. The event itself was an open-air. and one of our substantial tasks was to provide proportional distribution of sound.. Masters 1987 have shown their best skills but that is only half done.. They even suggested their approaches in things we need to implement. And till now i have contacted many different teams, but i had not found enough qualified experts, like Masters 1987 are. Keep in touch|!
Max Conors
founder at The F-Render
i’ve been cooperating with Masters for years and have nothing negative to say. Satisfaction only. Anytime. Anywhere. We have been made large nmber of events, small ones and enough big arrangements. Their talent is godly! Masters are neat in everything they touch. if smth wrong happened, it was minimised and did not influenced anybody. I have not seen that anyone noticed smth… I think that it’s the required experince, and they have it! I neglect any other offers on cooperation. As long as Masters do their best and they all go out, whatever happens, I will not let them down. Stay perfect!